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ReUnion Album

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Words of Obligation by U Tin Lin to Teachers Attended guest at U Pe Win's Table Words of recognition by Dr. San Tint Attended Guest at Daw Tin May Lwin Table Words of recognition by Dr. Kyaw Sein Attended guests at Daw Khin Aye Win's Table
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Presents to our Teachers on behalf of Thanks U Tin Lin with us, WynnKH, MHZaw & M.Yit Attended guests at Dr. San Tint's Table Dr. San Tint with us Attended guests at Dr Kyaw Sein's Table Dr. Kyaw Sein with us
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Attended guests at Dr. Htin Aung's Table Dr. Htin Aung with us Attended guests at entrance to Buffet Hall U Pe Win with us Daw Khin Aye Win with us Daw Tin May Lwin with us
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