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Magazine Digest May

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( a&S@ ESpf 100/ aemuf ESpf 100 )
  • From Thint Bawa
  • What was/ What will be? 
( r *~ zif; um wGef; rsm; )
  Cover Story
( xD aps; uGuf / A rm tdkif wD aps; uGuf )

Various from selected Magazines

  • Lottery & Burmese Min Kan Hla From Kyaw Nyar Zay Wel
  • IT Market in Burma Dr. Yay Chan Maung From Kyaw Nyar Zay Wel
Gossip (Satire)
( udk xGef; &Jh awm vm; eJh us aemfh t -udKuf )
( pD; yGm; a&; vkyf ief; rsm; pm wrf; ESifh qif; &J )
  • A Trip to our country side - Ko Tun From Kyaw Nyar Zay Wel


  • My Preferences Maung Thit Sin From Thint Bawa
  • Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Burma Dr. Daw Yin Yin Nu From Kyaw Nyar Zay Wel
  • The art of getting away from poverty Tin Maung Than From Thint Bawa
( tdkif; p wdkif; &Jh t a-umif; )
( a'guf wm oef; xGef; &Jh oef; xGef; )
  • Einstein's Greatness Ko Tar From Thint Bawa
  • Than Htun's Monologue Dr. Than Htun From Thint Bawa
Special Feature
( Ekdif iH pD; yGm; a&; / q,f ausmf ouf )
( -unf at;_rdK@_+y eJ@ ok armif t bGm; )
  • Nation Capacity & its Cooperation Khin Maung Nyo From Kyaw Nyar Zay Wel
  • The ultimate teenage success guide Maung Thit Sin From Thint Bawa
  • Kyi Aye & City Life Maung Thar Cho From Shwe Amyu Tay
  • My Mom's Mom Thu Maung From Shwe Amyu Tay


( bm om_yef pm/  em &D )
  Internet & Technies
( tif wm euf ywf ouf rSK )
  • The Watch Ruman Ashler From Thint Bawa
  • Some Quotes Selected From Thint Bawa

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