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Dear Friends

Thanking you for your full coorparation to RIT Reunion with Teachers & Students. We have come up to 100 of listed guest of students who provide us their reservation to our program. Here is the list of students that have been updated on the database. Please click here to visit our DATABASE about it.

If your name and your batch / major does not telly or not included, please contact our people @,, ,providing your particular of your name, batch, major, contact address & phone, e-mail address, institution of work or study to us immediately. It will be shared amoug our visiting teachers and students at our Reunion program. Call us @ 7763364, 7734420, 7747724 and 7783885 and leave your msg there.

For our Sayagyies welcoming & transportation arrangment, Saya U Tun Win Aung and his NTU friends will be considered and their support has been requested. For further detail, please contact him for necessary information concerning on NTU side.

For over all arrangment and program matter, Saya U Tin Lin, Temasek Poly, would be with us to help your need. He is @ .

For sending invitation letter to you, we will be doing our route by e-mail and you will either receive by e-mail (if u provided us with your e-mail) or from your volunteer group leader of your friend who organized the channel to you. BUT any way, no need to be too formal to our Reunion ofcoz if you have enrolled yourself to us and provided with your particular for address book, you won't need to be of a stranger, just check your watch, dress up and come and join......

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Invitation Card for you......
On 1/3/2000, Reservation & confirmation for 50 seats have been updated. For additional reservation,
not later than 2/3/2000 is recommended.

Dear MaungYit
SPECIAL THANKs to your group for organizing a reunion lunch.

Pls count our group in. By the way, how can we transfer money to you?

1.   Myint Myint Mon  93Ec
2.   Khin Than Yee  93Ec
3,4. Win Naing + Soi Lang Khaing  93Ec + 93Ec
5.   Kyu Kyu  93Ec
6,7. Myint Zaw + Htwe Htwe Hlaing  93Mech + 93Ec
8,9. Aung Than Myint + Thida Nyein  93Ec + 94Ec
QQ, Thida
Pls pass your mailing address to MgYit for address book purpose.

Thanks and best regards,
Lang Khaing

Hi Mg Yit, 
Thanks for organizing this grand event - RIT reunion lunch.
We are really looking forward to meeting our Sayagyies and old friends again.
Pls find my address in below: 
Kyu Kyu
/MOF/SINGOV on 29/02/2000 09:52 
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Hello Friends there!

We,all people have taken a trip to NTU guest house to meet with Sayagyies to finalize our Reunion program on 28/2/99, 7:30 pm.

Thanks to our favourable luck that we have met with all our Teachers and students there and we have our plan finalized.

So on next sunday, 5/3/00, 1300 hr, we will be at Raffles city, Western Stanford Hotel 2nd floor, Plaza Cafe`( City Hall MRT) to host our RIT Reunion Lunch (Buffet/Hi Tea) with Teachers/Students.

The per head is cost around 19.00++ and we are expecting to collect S$30.00 for each person. We will be booking for initial seats of 50 persons and if you want to make a confirmation, please proceed to or page MMW @92637505. For RIT students doing full time schooling in Sg, the amount will be considered 25S$.

With your friends, please choose your volunteer leader of your group, collect the money, transfer the amount to POSB saving account together with the list of students with particular information to add on the address book of Reunion Program.

Remembering RIT Reunion Booklet will be handed over to you with the quotes from our Teachers of RIT. We will be trying our best to be of smooth service to our RIT Reunion Program and your participation would be very much obliged.

We will be doing our reservation of seats on Wednesday. For the phone numbers that we have, we will call you tomorrow for your confirmation.

Thanking You

RIT Reunion Lunch Program

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Dear Friends,

On 27/02/2000, 1300 hr, Head of the Dept of RIT & UCSY arrived to Singapore and warmly welcome by ex-students of respective Depts. With much obligation to Sayagyi Dr San Tint, Ec, there is a date being set for all of us to reunite at special occasion, 05/03/2000. So the date has been set and we will be expecting all of you to join at the RIT ReUnion Lunch on next Sunday.
Thanks to Saya U Tin Lin (Lecturer, Temasek Poly, ex-Lecturer, Chemical, RIT), U Myint Thwin, U Tun Win Aung (NTU, Aero,RIT), Ko Aung Mon (NTU,RIT), Aunty Mon (RIT,AIT), Ko Hla Min (NTU,RIT), our dream of reuniting with Teachers and Students of RIT in Singapore altogether on the same place, same date and same will of friendship would be coming to reality.
We are very much obliged that with all due respect, Sayagyies have tried their best to provide us with a date of Reunion and they will proceed to Malaysia on the very next day if weather favours on them. Now is our call of RIT spirits to get together again as Engineers with true color of reputation and respect.


Maung Yit, MH Zaw, Naing Htut, Soe Moe Aung, Wynn KHtay, Tin Myo Thaw, Maung Maung Mra U, Win Myat Soe, Myint Zaw, Zaw Lwin Oo, Tun Tun Lwin, Aung Min Soe, Thein Kyaw, Zaw Htun Hlaing, May Than Htay, Cho Cho Than, Khin Moe Yi and their respective friends from Aero,Civil, Ec, Ep, Mech, Metal, ICST.

Regards Added: Kyaw Phyo (Arizona) , Soe Kyaw Thu (1994-, YIT, Ca),

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Hi All
12pm sg time changi airport, we will be going there to welcome our RIT Teachers and inform them of our plan personally. We will be going to get the schdule of their trip and their favourable time to arrange our meeting place and time. Keep you informed.
Maung Yit
MH Zaw
Naing Htut
Soe Moe Aung

Address Book Added: Ko Aung Kyaw Oo (98Ec), Ko Yan San Oo (85Ec), Ko Zaw Htun Hlaing (95Aero), Ma Khin Moe Yi (95Ec)

Regards Added: U Tin Hlaing (72), U Hla Kyi, Maung Zaw Min Thein (84), Maung RaHuLa (90s)
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Hi, mgyit and friends,

i agreed with mz that buffet/hi-tea shall be suitable for us. i have some info of the places that we can have high-tea buffet and details are as follows:
Hotel Price Time
1). Boulevard Hotel S$ 19.80+++ WeekEnd High-Tea(12:00pm - 4:30pm)
2). Carlton Hotel S$ 17.50+++ WeekEnd High-Tea(12:00pm - 5:00pm)
3). Goodwood Park S$ 15.50+++ WeekEnd High-Tea(1:00pm - 5:00pm)
4). Hotel New Otani S$ 16.00+++ WeekEnd High-Tea(12:00pm - 5:00pm)
5) Western Stanford S$ 18.00+++ WeekEnd High-Tea(12:00pm - 2:30pm)

please e-mail this information to friends for their opinion coz my address book is at other web which i cannot access now. i am still trying to get more info about buffet dinner in case we can arrange at daytime.

i think we should arrange for next sunday and we need confirmation in advance.
Hi! mz, thanks for ur suggestion and i would seek ur advise and help for our this activity and future activities.


MH Zaw
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Let's pay respect to our Teachers of RIT visiting NTU in Singapore on the date of 20/2/2000.

We are planing a Teacher & Student Reunion Dinner or Lunch at some comfortable place & time. With all due respect, We are hoping to get all support from the students of RIT while on a rare chance to meet our Teachers of respective departments.

If any of our ex-students interested, please contact to our e-mails as follow:

We are welcoming any suggestion & assistance from all our RIT students & friends from Singapore. We will submit our program in a very short time due to the limitted stay of our teachers.

Winth Metta

Wynn Khai Htay
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Reply (18/2/2000)

I will try to contact my teachers who are now working in NTU & Temasek Poly. I will request their suggestion & ask for their personal invitation to our Teachers from RIT.

Here is the below list of the teachers from RIT visitiing NTU,Singapore.

Dr. Kyaw Sein from Mech Engg.
Dr. San Tint from EcE
Dr. Htin Aung from Civil Engg.
U Pe Win from Metallurgy Engg.
Daw Khin Aye Win from EPE.
Another One from Computer Science and Technology Institute.

I am hoping to distribute as fast as possible.
Please acknowledge the news to your close friends and welcome to all of our Teacher & Student Reunion Dinner/Lunch...

maung yit

Reply (18/2/2000)

Please pass this message to your ex-classmates or friends.
It would be great if we can gather our friends as many as possible.
Somebody shall have a question " how much will I cost?"
I would say it is not known now.It will depend on time and place that it will be held.
But, I am sure you will cost for yourself plus equal share to the cost of teachers.
should you have any further clarification, do contact us.


zaw min htun(93, mech)
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Reply (19/2/2000)

To whom it may concern

The program is on its way. Some of our Teachers from Singapore are willing to help us in inviting the RIT teachers from Yangon to Singapore.

We have got our ex-students of 10 in our growing list. Thanking you very much for the ex-RITs who send us regards for our Reunion Dinner/Lunch who could not make it bcoz they are away from Sg. We will pass the massage to our Teachers concerned.

To the rememberance of our special occasion, we will be going to issue the virtual guest book for the RIT Reunion Dinner/Lunch. Please send your info & wish list to our e-mail addresses.

We will keep you posted with new upcomings.

Best Wishes

Wynn Khai Htay (93,Mech)
Zaw Minn Htun (93,Mech)
Maung Maung Win (93,Ec)
Page: 92637505
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Reply (19/2/2000)

Count us in.......
MZ and HH
< Mg Yit - the name list of the teachers seems quite familiar to me.
Wow... that was what I typed and sent out...... ha.. ha.... >
Myint Zaw and Htwe Htwe (93 RIT)

Reply (19/2/2000)
I have contacted with Dr Htin Aung last Sunday(13/2/00)and
what I know is they will be here about 1 week. It is better to
arrange our dinner/lunch with them after our meeting with them
when they will be free from their NUS schedule. I think they
themselves not sure at the moment.
So I will contact them first and get the date.
Dr Htin Aung will call me to inform where they will be putting up tonight
or I will call him. 
Tin Lin
ITAS/ChE 7805276 
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Reply (20/2/2000)


The trip to Sg by our heads from RIT was been delayed. The next arrival is resumed 27/02/2000.

So we all have more time to pass the news to our friends. Saya U Shein Soe Myint (NTU) and U Tin Lin (Temasek Poly) will try to contact Dr. San Tint (Ec) & Dr Htin Aung (Civil) on 24/02/2000.

We hope to meet with our teachers & students from RIT in Singapore at RIT Teachers & Students Reunion Dinner/Lunch which will bring back our good old days and good will towards senior & junior students together.

Wynn Khai Htay (93 Mech)
Zaw Minn Htun (93 Mech)
Maung Maung Win (93 Ec)
Page me: 92637505
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Reply (21/2/2000)

If possible, count us in...
1. naing htut (93 Mech)
2. soe moe aung (93 Mech)
3. aung khaing (98 Mech)
4. Mg Mg Mra U (93 Mech)
5. Tin Myo Thaw (93 Mech)
6. cho cho than (95 Mech)
7. may than htay (92 Chemical)
8. aung min soe (96 Civil)
9. zaw lwin oo (93 Ec)
Please bring together your family and kids also. All of RIT generation are invited.


Reply (21/2/2000)

I am going back on 24th (Thursday) so how can I organize or contact our teacher. I think U Tin Lin is the right person if he accept your request. Please contact U Tun Win Aung ( Aero Dept) if you need help. His contact number is 7935402 (res).

Shein Soe Myint (NTU, UCSY)
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Reply (22/2/2000)

The Cabinet meeting will be on Wednesday for our Teachers trip to NTU, Singapore. Our Rector will try to manange to start the trip on next Sunday. We learn that our teachers would be delighted to meet us there. For a more convenient & spacious meeting place, Marina Bay's Sea Food shops are suggested. How?

Best Wishes
maung yit
zaw min htun
wynn k htay
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Reply (23/2/2000) 

Theme of Reunion to School

Last time, we run. We run and run away from school. But now, We run again. We wish we could run and run into the arm of our good old school.

Written by TT, from web site's school reunion page.

Reply (23/2/2000)
nay myo oo
replied that he is joining us and want me to let him know the date after we fix with teachers.
M H Zaw

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Reply (24/2/2000)

Hi Mg Yit,
Thanks for the update.
How many people are you sending and how many of them has given "yes" to the activity? Isn't it a good idea to put a long name list rather than a Bcc list because seeing other friends' name in the list, I believed, may encourage them in one way or another to take part in and in turn, promote the mood while otherwise may be true.

For the eating place, I would like to counter suggest a buffet for a few reasons;

For Buffet, food is available within a certain of longer time ( say 4 hours ) and people can pay more attention to the converstaion rather than food. < I strongly believed that people come there not for food but for a conversation with Sayagyi's.>
The next thing, in buffet, sitting plan with Sayagyis are flexible, people can move about from table to another, stand and talk in more sensible way. Free and easy + Party Style! In Sea food shops, you got to be very careful about the sitting plan.
I have seen a small but neat Buffet lounge i.e. in Liang Court. That is just enough for about 50 people. If we can get such place, it will be more cosy, comfortable and isolated from the crowd. Even if there are a few other people, we are still the majority! Just Quiet and NIce.
And there are a few more plus points which a buffet lunch is more justified than a seafood, in my pure personal opinion. I am not sure what the majority of the others may think. If the option is that one, I can check it out for booking and etc.
I have Cc this mail to some of my friends I know because I would think that it is always better to have a over-communicate than a breakdown.

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Reply (24/2/2000)

Hi Sabe/MZ
(bcoz i don't know your real name with due respect)

Thank you for your letter. We have been overlooked or underlooked in the matter of bcc, of course, I really have been sending a very long list of bcc to some of the owner of email and in the first place, we have discussed about it earlier with my friends indeed. My excuse or reason here is that I have some thought of privacy to the persons of all,sincerely.., so that I happen to put them in the bcc.

The next subject; the place is still under consideration and so also for the list of the people to be exposed. The sea food shop is not reasonable enough for our RIT Reunion dinner/lunch together with our SayaGyies. That's we agree without doubts. However, It was just a suggestion that we received from one of our teacher and I have to post it online to invite some more ideas from it.

The next, the people list enrolled should come with the long stated manners. However, for us, for our closed friends, we don't mind posting our own name such as mine and my wife and our brotherly friends instead of using names of distance that might provoke their reasonable privacy.

Well, let us say, what a coincidence! we just made our good talk about most of the subjects over our dinner table together with all our friends and families. We are going to make a more prompt move afterwards. We offer our true obligation and welcome to you for your discussion.

From our friends assigned, Zaw Min Htun will take the opportunity to go for the better place of the buffet such as Raffles Place 2nd floor where a couple of our friends get chaired their wedding.

Maung Maung Mra U, Tin Myo Thaw, Naing Htut & Soe Moe Aung will go for communication channels to get more confirmed list of students attending the Reunion dinner/lunch.

Cho Cho Than & May Than Htay and Aung Min Soe & Thein Kyaw will be helping us by inviting their NUS, NTU and concerned friends to our Reunion Dinner/Lunch.

Me, Maung Yit will be doing online invitation to
e-mailers,, RIT(Burma), AIT Alumni and to some club members. I would like to make a special occasion more memorable by handing over a Address Book of the attendees to our Reunion Dinner/Lunch consisting of our Name, School Period,Major subject,Working Company Name, Contact address,phone & e-mail. And the list of the people who could not make it to our Reunion but with their sent regards printed together in our Address Book. I shall promise that I wont use my pen to draw some cartoons on it (joking).

It will help us remembering each other and also to our SayaGyies who brought up us with their knowledge and education to become who we were/are from the past until today. And the saga will continue forever to our next generation....

Our sole attention for the Reunion Dinner/Lunch is
that We will be together again with long lost friends, long lost teachers & our good old RIT spirit of friendship and unity. As from my excerpt, ( In the past, we run. We run and run away from school. Now in present, we wish we run. We run and run back to our school again)

With Best Wishes
Maung Yit
Zaw Min Htun
Wynn Khai Htay
Naing Htut
Soe Moe Aung
Maung Maung Mra U
Tin Myo Thaw
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